Top Tips For An Eco-Friendly Office

With the Paris climate change agreement hitting the headlines recently, debates are swirling about how we can tackle global warming. From world leaders to everyday folk, everyone has to work hard to reverse climate change. Our copywriter Sharna Ridge is keen to make the world a little greener, so she’s put together some top tips on how your office can reduce its carbon footprint one step at a time:



One of the simplest ways to kick start the office’s eco-friendly habit is to begin recycling. In December 2016, the government reported that recycling rates in the UK had dropped for the first time ever and with the waste piling up, it’s now even more important to get everyone involved in reducing their rubbish. Creating a recycling rota and teams assigned to a clean-up day is a fantastic way to ensure everyone mucks in to take out the bins!

Meat-Free Mondays


Due to the high demand for meat and its transportation, livestock on average contributes around 16 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. Having a veggie day each week can reduce your carbon footprint and help everyone in the office towards their target of five-a-day of fruit and veg!

Make Paper Cuts


Generally offices tend to go through paper like it’s going out of fashion and as a copywriter I’ll admit that I’m guilty as charged with this wasteful sin! Maintaining digital copies of important documents is a useful tool in the epic battle to save trees from becoming printer fodder! However, due to hackers and malware online, it’s also important to keep your work cyber-safe which means sometimes you really need to keep your paper trail. Buying 100% recycled paper is a great middle-ground compromise to ensure your office can still print guilt-free.

Switch Off and Unplug


Leaving electronics plugged in and laptops on standby consumes 8% of our total annual electricity bill – that’s a whopping two power stations worth of electricity! Our appliances still use 90% of their energy on standby, so having a quick check around the office for any plugs or electronics running at the end of the day will help save money and the planet!

Cut Down The Commute


On average we Brits spend 400 days in our lifetime commuting to work, with 57.5% of the working population opting to drive. Walking to work will not only reduce your carbon footprint but it’ll help you get fitter and allow you to see more of the local sights! If your colleagues also live within walking distance of work, you can all meet up at various points along the route for a quick catch-up out of the office.

If walking or stepping on public transport is not an option, creating your own carpool with colleagues is a lovely alternative. It will reduce the amount of vehicles on the road (goodbye morning road-rage!) and you can blast the radio for some carpool karaoke!