The Amazing Story Behind Amy’s Brand New Look…

19 - Amy head shaveHow far would you go to support your friends and family? For our account executive Amy Taylor, she sacrificed something which everyone would be able to see… her full head of hair!

When her sister‑in‑law Helen began undergoing chemotherapy to treat breast cancer, Amy wanted to do something to show her support.

So to help Helen deal with losing her hair – which is often a side‑effect of the treatment – Amy decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK by shaving off her hair to match.

“After a particularly upsetting visit to see Helen I came away feeling that I had to do something to support her and I knew that losing her hair was particularly hard for her,” explains Amy.

“The plan was to shave my head at a point when we could then grow our hair back together, while also use the opportunity to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

“It has been very hard watching her go through treatment and I felt very helpless at times, hence this gesture.”

In June Amy organised a public fundraising night in Market Harborough, where the big event took place.

“I went from feeling absolutely fine about losing my hair to feeling physically sick at the thought of the ‘public’ event that I had decided to host. I just knew that making it an event would raise more money and in fact it brought in over £500 on that night alone,” she says.

“I’m over the moon as you can imagine, especially as I originally set my fundraising target at £1,000!

“I was absolutely overwhelmed by the support that I received on the night. It was very emotional for both me and Helen, but in a good way, and I’m so pleased that I did it.

“Everyone has been so complimentary and supportive of my new look and I’ve adapted to it ridiculously easily – I love how quickly I can now get ready in the morning!”

To date, Amy has raised a phenomenal £3,132 for Cancer Research UK, with Santander bank also kindly offering to match her efforts, so she’s set to donate more than £6,000 to the charity!

Well done Amy – everyone at Webb Associates is truly inspired by you!


IMG_0340The Webb Associates social is always a big talking point here in the office, both before and after the event.

Sometimes it’s a team-building challenge, other times it’s a slap-up meal and a little more than our recommended weekly intake of alcohol – but it’s always great fun.

So far this year we’ve all pretended to be James Bond at Spy Missions Northampton – some more convincingly than others – and then a couple of weeks ago we were roped into having a go at indoor climbing.

Now this particular WA blogger isn’t afraid to admit he’s not particularly good with heights, so nerves were very much jangling when we saw the impressive set-up at the Pinnacle Climbing Centre.

We can’t see from their website exactly how high the walls are but trust us when we tell you they are really high.

We needn’t have worried though, because the Pinnacle team really looked after us – talking us through all the safety procedures, making sure we were all securely roped-up and giving the less sure-footed among us the encouragement we needed to keep on climbing.

All in all it was a top night out and we’re already looking forward to the next one at Planet Bounce in Corby!