7 ways to grow your Twitter following  

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We all know that Twitter is a fantastic platform for businesses and organisations to interact with their customers and
target audiences – but you need a decent follower base if you want to make the most of it. So if you’re looking to set up or grow a corporate Twitter account, make sure you don’t miss our top tips to help you get off to a flyer!


  1. Follow first

It’s hard to attract followers without taking the initiative yourself, so let people know you’re here by following your peers and Twitter accounts that can help you to grow. So that means the people you work with, businesses or organisations in your field at home and abroad, companies and community groups in your area, and the media (from local newspapers and traditional trade press to industry bloggers and websites). And because Twitter is about more than just work, don’t be shy about following the big names from the worlds of entertainment, sport and politics – because you never know when they might inspire you!


  1. Get stuck in

Making the most of Twitter is about much more than the content you put out there yourself – interacting with others is a really important part of the process. So make sure you’re checking your feed on a regular basis and retweet, like and reply to interesting or relevant tweets (though try not to overdo it!). If you get it right, others will soon start returning the favour.


  1. Pick your moments

When it comes to your own Twitter activity, you need to find that sweet spot between too much content (starts to get irritating) and not enough (people might forget about you). We think the ideal number of posts is four to five per day, and to avoid getting lost in the daily morning rush, save your tweets until after lunch (optimum time is between 1pm and 3pm). Also, because the average lifespan of a tweet is two hours, make sure you spread them out accordingly.


  1. Keep it varied

Try to mix it up when it comes to tweeting your own images, so create links to new content on your website, use photography and video, run Twitter polls and even consider things like infographics instead of just tedious text. Don’t be afraid to tweet the same links or stories more than once, but try to vary the wording you use to introduce it and be sure not to bombard your followers with the same things over and over again. Also, don’t forget to tag others into your tweets whenever you can (using their Twitter handles) as this helps to promote interactivity and increase the reach of your content.


  1. Keep it conversational

Twitter is very much an informal arena so if your tweets are too business-like or just read like headlines from press releases, that’s a massive turn-off for your followers. People want to interact with a real person so make sure you reflect that in your tone and keep it relaxed, conversational and have a sense of humour.


  1. It’s not all about you

It’s easy to forget sometimes that a corporate Twitter account doesn’t have to be exclusively about the business or organisation itself. If you’re discussing the issues of the day and linking to interesting or amusing content from others as well as shamelessly self-promoting, you’ll be a hell of a lot more fun to follow.


  1. Make it easy for yourself

Plenty of Twitter clients (e.g. Tweetdeck, HootSuite) enable you to schedule your tweets in advance so you can get all your day’s activity sorted at once, so you don’t find yourself having to tweet at home when the Walking Dead is on. Just be careful not to schedule too far ahead and be wary of the impact of world events and big Twitter talking points. For example, a lot of big businesses came in for criticism when their scheduled sales tweets popped up in the midst of the Paris terror attacks. That’s something you’ll want to avoid.